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At Takapuna Barber Hair Salon, we specialize in womans haircuts. Our super friendly team of dedicated hairdressers is here to give you the best service. We are committed to excellence, constantly improving our knowledge and skills to serve your hair needs. Whether you’re looking for a trim, a stylish new look, or a complete woman’s haircut transformation, you can trust our expertise and passion for delivering the perfect hairstyle.

Woman's Hightlight

Our professional hairdressers in Takapuna are trained to do a wide range of services perfectly suited to your needs. Please refer to the list below. 


Cutting your hair brings benefits you probably didn’t know—it helps you have healthier hair ends, promotes hair strength, and ultimately gives you fuller hair. Our woman’s haircut services are done by our hairdressing experts. With their talent, you can achieve the hair length and style you want.


If you want a head-turner hairstyle, our hairdressers in Takapuna have the talent and finest tools for it. From sleek styles to voluminous curls and creative braids, we can do just about any hairstyle that will complete your look.


We also offer women’s hair colour to bring more life and beauty to your hair. Subtle highlights, bold hair colours, ombré—name it, we’ll create it. At Takupana Barber Hair Salon, we only use the best products to ensure that the colours and lustre of your hair will last a long time.


If you’re not a fan of a full head of colour with only a single hue, hair foiling may be the right one for you! It is a technique we use to split your hair into sections using foils and apply multiple colours separately. Depending on your preference, we can apply various shades with subtle, bright, or very blonde results.


Another option for multiple-coloured hair is balayage. In this technique, we apply highlights or lowlights to the various sections of your hair to create a subtle and natural-looking effect.

Hair Treatment

Got damaged hair? Or just want to maintain the strength and beauty of your strands? Takapuna Barber Hair Salon also offers hair treatments to moisturise your hair and improve its overall appearance. We can also offer hair treatment to help get rid of dandruff. 

Colour Correction

Not wanting the previous colour job done to your hair? We can correct it! We have one of the best hairdressers in Auckland to help you achieve the hair colour you’re really aiming for. Our stylists will assess your hair’s current state before making some adjustments. This way, we can ensure that we’ll do it right.


No one wants frizzy hair. Lucky for you, we also provide smoothing services to our clients. With this treatment, you can keep your hair smooth and shiny all day, every day. Plus, we use the finest products for the procedure to ensure long-lasting results.

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Having a hard time finding “hairdressers near me?” Takapuna Barber Hair Salon is conveniently located at 172 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand. Here, you can enjoy and benefit from the high-quality services of our hairdressers in Takapuna. We can also provide our clients with online advice. Feel free to contact us at +64 9-486 0500 to learn more about our services.

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Causes of hair damage

Factors of damage and dryness of hair The following article examines the various factors that cause damage to the hair in the opinion of Dr. Gita Faghihi, Professor of Dermatology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Dry skin and hair is a common problem. In terms of beauty, dry hair looks dull and loses its shine as well as its freshness. No one is immune to dry skin and hair, and this problem affects many people regardless of age, gender and skin type.
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Hair is severely damaged by dryness. In some cases, even the hair can be oily at the roots and dry at the stems and ends. However, if dryness is not treated properly, in all cases, it can lead to widespread damage and breakage of the hair shaft. Dry hair can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Whatever the cause is the result of one thing, the loss of moisture in the hair shaft, this causes the hair to become brittle. When the hair is brittle, it means that the hair shaft is damaged and very prone to damage, so the hair breaks easily and without much pressure.
Dry scalp is characterized by itching, scaling, and sometimes increased hair loss . While the final reason is the reduction in the right amount of hair fat and the scalp. There are several reasons for this situation. Many causes can be easily prevented and all factors can be treated with relative ease. The fat in the scalp and hair is secreted by the sebaceous glands. It is necessary to maintain the balance of natural fat in the hair and scalp. When a large amount of these natural fats are not present for various reasons, the hair becomes brittle and the scalp becomes dry and scaly.
The use of concentrated foaming shampoos (harsh) is one of the most common reasons for the development of dry scalp. Basically, the chemicals in some shampoos remove excess natural oil from the hair and scalp, resulting in itching and flaking of the scalp and hair, which causes the shine or natural state of the hair to disappear. Hard water (water that is high in minerals for hair) can also cause dry scalp. Even if shampoo is prescribed for your dry hair and scalp, it will not work if used with hard water. To prevent water hardness, it is necessary to purify the water, and for this you can install filters on the shower to remove some minerals. This allows the normal level of fat to return to the scalp over time. Diet can also play an important role in relieving dry scalp.

Causes of hair damage

Use of essential fatty acids, omega 3

The sebaceous glands need the right nutrients to perform their functions. If nutrients do not reach the body, the sebaceous glands do not produce fat and as a result it causes itching of the scalp and dry hair. they enter.

Among the causes of dry hair, the following can be mentioned in a list

1. Hereditary and genetic causes (black people generally have dry and frizzy hair

2. It is a very harmful chemical. Excessive use of heat, such as a hair dryer, dries the hair severely.

3. Environmental damage.
Very high and very low temperatures can affect the hair tissue. Prolonged exposure to the sun and wind can lead to dry hair. Chlorine is very dangerous for the hair, so you have to be very careful when swimming in chlorine-containing pools. Salt water with high levels of minerals as well as harmful chemicals also dries the hair.

4- Using sulfated detergents

5- Using tonics with alcohol

6- Not drinking enough water

7- Using products with a base other than water, such as fat and oil, etc.

8- Mechanical damage due to excessive manipulation, pulling hair with a clip, metal clip, etc.

9- Using water with high
hardness Water hardness with The amount of calcium is determined and this element is one of the most important causes of dry hair, which is effective in two ways in dry hair.

9-1- Calcium absorbs moisture from the hair and makes them lighter. Calcium that accumulates on the scalp can cause flaking and dandruff.

9-2- Calcium can suffocate the follicles and kill them by depositing in the opening of the follicle. It can even prevent new hair from growing back.

10- Excessive hair washing
Contact dermatitis (contact dermatitis) occurs on the scalp when the skin becomes dry, inflamed and itchy due to allergies to skin health products.

Dry scalp can also be caused by seborrheic dermatitis, which is oily and itchy skin. In this complication, red and oily skin is covered with patches of white or yellow and dry skin, which eventually leads to dandruff.

Internal factors of dry hair

1. Age and menopause

They cause changes in the amount of hormones produced in the body. Common side effects include dry hair and even hair loss. Pregnancy also affects hormone levels and can lead to dry hair until the end of pregnancy and stabilization of hormone levels. It should be noted that dry hair can be a sign of a disease in the body.

2.Poor nutrition

Inadequate diet, digestive problems and diseases affect .

3- Anorexia nervosa

It is a mental disorder in which a person refuses to eat to lose weight, which leads to nutritional deficiencies and consequently dry hair.

4.Menkes Syndrome

This syndrome (also called metallic hair disease, Menkes curly hair syndrome, and curly hair disease) is a very serious condition caused by genetic disorders. In this disorder, the body’s cells cannot absorb the right amount of copper. Low levels of copper affect the structur